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Contract Manufactring

Contract Manufactring

Perfect manufacturing process is our main goal, starting from purchasing high quality raw materials, choosing highly trained staffs that are capable of using the latest techniques.

Production Lines:-

Solid dosages forms production; including:-
- Preparation line which have mixing, granulation & drying process.
- Tablets compression & (coating tablets).
- Capsules filling for different sizes.
- Powder & sachet filling.

Liquids production; including:-
- Filling & preparation tank.
- Filling capping line.
- Labeling & packing line.

External use production; including:-
- Filling &preparation tank.
- Filling capping line

Semi solid form production including:-
- Homogenizer tank.
- Filling line.

All process undergoes inspection and testing according to cGMP regulations.

We are manufactring for around 30 contract:

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