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Chitocal Cap.

• Chitocal forms a polymer with lipid that will not be absorbed & then will be excreted with stools.

• Chitocal binds average 8-12 folds of lipids of its weight.

• Vitamin C reduces the Viscosity of chitosan and improves its ability to mix with fat in the GIT.

• In addition, vitamin C (AsA) also improves the ability of chitosan to successfully carry fat through the intestine

• Gymnema Sylvester competitively inhibits glucose aseptic its receptors in the G.L.T

• Chitocal 1st product acts on both lipids and carbohydrate.

• Chitocal acts locally so high safety profile .

• Chitocal helps the patient to lose an average of 8% of body weight in 4 weeks.

• Chitocal doesn’t cause fecal urgency

• Chitocal doesn’t cause fatty oily stool.

• Chitocal is effective simple and smooth weight loss medication

• Chitocal you can see its mechanism of action by your eyes


Chitosan (VHD): 500 mg


Ascorbic acid: 100 mg


Gymnema Sylvestre: 50 mg


For weight loss & Maintenance Of desired weight


Box of 60 Capsule


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